Surewin Quality Certification operates as an Inspection, Certification, Evaluation and Training Body, organized according to international standards ISO/IEC 17020 and ISO/IEC 17021, Accredited by  Renar-Romany Valid  from  2009 until 2012 Also in 2013 of the Accredited by:NISAB-Canada  
Surewin Quality Company was founded in Bristol and operates in India through  operating units, located in Nagar and through agreements and/or Technical offices in the UK .

SQC mission consists uniquely in creating an added value for the client's benefit.

 Service of quality, led with reliability, professionalism and discretion; maximum tendency to listening and attention to the interlocutor's needs.

 An attested methodology, tested on field and uniform, though applied each time with a personalized approach, to integrate it more and more to the characteristics of the specific operative context to face.

 A difficult research activity and consistent investments in technology and human resources, to constantly maintain in time the high quality level of the services offered and to continue to produce an authentic differentiation of the Group in the sector of reference.