CE Marking, is also called sometimes "CE Mark" or "CE-Marking", as shown in the left, is a mandatory mark for many of the products circulated on the EFTA & European Union (EU) single market (totally 30 countries) and it is often referred as the "Trade Passport to Europe" for non-EU products. CE Marking may be obtained through registering your product in any one of the EU member countries. CE Marking obtained from one EU country is valid for the entire EU plus EFTA market
Declaration of Conformity

What does a Declaration of Conformity mean?
It is a formal declaration by a manufacturer, or the manufacturer's representative, that the product to which it applies meets all relevant requirements of all product safety directives applicable to that product. It is a sign that a product has been designed and constructed for compliance with relevant essential requirements, and has been through the appropriate conformity assessment processes.

A Declaration of Conformity is not a quality certificate, nor a guarantee for safety. However, when properly drawn up along with CE marking on the product, conformity of the product with the Directive(s) quoted on the Declaration of Conformity may be presumed by suppliers in the distribution chain and by the end customer, provided there are no obvious or known defects. Additionally, market surveillance authorities, must presume that CE marked products, accompanied by a Declaration of Conformity comply with the provisions of the Directive(s) mentioned, unless they have evidence to the contrary (for example by examining or testing the product).

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