Public Training
Public training courses are intensive, in-depth courses around the country. They are open to individuals and groups.

SQC Public training courses are open to individuals and from any organisation, and are perfect when you want to train one or two people. They are run regularly and provide effective training allowing you to network with peers from different industries. Some courses lead to certificates or qualifications and may involve an examination .

Each course is held in a high quality venue and delivered by a highly qualified trainer who are practitioners in the field and bring their own practical experiences and wealth of knowledge into the classroom.

If your organisation is interested in training many people, it might be advantageous to have SQC conduct a private in-house course(s) at your company facility or the venue you choose. For more information about SQC private courses, please click here.

Membership at RASCI

RASCI is a collaborative and comprehensive source of retail expertise and independent advice for industry, training organizations, educational institutions, certifying bodies, employees, students or jobseekers about skills development in the retail industry.

In-house Training
When an organisation has a number of employees who need to learn new skills, in-house training is the most economical solution. In-house training involves bringing a trainer to any location of choice to deliver a customised training program for a group of employees. In-house training may be held at the corporate headquarters or at an off-site location.

One of the main benefits for employers is the ability to control when the training takes place, scheduling it so that it minimises the impact on their business.

Instructors are able to modify training material to meet business needs and focus on company issues to make the learning relevant.

There are many benefits of In-House Training including: course customisation, flexibility,  Convenience, lower cost, and SQC Training team can tailor an individual course or a number of courses for delivery in your organisation. We can focus on the issues that affect your employees, and reference your organisation’s procedures and policies .